Your case is as important to us as it is to you.  Because we limit the number of cases we accept, we are able to give our clients individual attention.  We are proud that our clients tell us that we make them feel like family.


Experience leads to results.  With decades of handling injury cases, we have seen every trick in the insurance company playbook.  We use the lessons learned to get the best possible settlements for our clients. 


Our use of the latest technology and professional support staff ensures that we will move your case to a successful outcome as quickly as possible.

Personal Injury Attorneys in Mansfield, Ohio

Highly Skilled Lawyers Working for You

If you’ve suffered serious injury, you need attorneys who have the experience and determination to fight for you.  Our job is to look out for your best interests.

Caring for the people we serve

Solid Relationships

We started practicing law due to our passion about caring for people. With each new client we take on, we treat them like a member of our family.

Proven Experience

Our attorneys have earned accolades such as entry into the Multi-Million Dollar Advocates Forum, an honor less than 1% of attorneys achieve.

Good Communicators

With a strong team of attorneys, firm administrators, and litigation case managers, we are always available for any questions our clients have.

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Case Results

Nursing Home Neglect Case

90 year old suffered fractures in fall. Case resolved for $342,500.

Workplace Injury Case

38 year old injured by industrial press, the case resolved for $1.2 million.

Auto/Truck Collision Case

20 year old suffered severe injuries, the case resolved for $3.1 million

Medical Malpractice Case

49 year old suffered loss of vision in eye. Case resolved for $450,000.

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We don't get paid until you do

We work on a contingency fee basis.

When you’re suffering from a personal injury, the last thing you need to worry about is how you’ll cover attorney fees for your case. At Rinehardt Law Firm, we want you to feel confident pursuing your recovery. You can schedule a no fee, no obligation consultation with our team, and you won’t owe a cent until you get compensated.

Telling our Clients' Stories

Important steps to take after an injury occurs

One step we emphasize to all of our clients is to track your treatment and your pain. In the stressful period of calling insurance companies and visiting the doctor, many personal injury victims forget just how much suffering they endure by the time their case makes it to court. But it’s those forgotten details that can make all the difference in how the case proceeds. When you’ve been injured — whether it’s due to a driver’s negligence on the road or a defective product in the workplace — it’s crucial that you keep a detailed record of your day-to-day pain and medical treatments.

We often encourage clients to ask close family members to help with this step. Doing so will not only present a stronger case in court, but it can help you stand your ground when insurance companies try to downplay your pain.

We’ve helped people who have suffered from workplace injuries, motor vehicle accidents, medical malpractice, slip and fall accidents, dog bites, and more. We serve clients in Mansfield and communities across central and north central Ohio. If you aren’t sure what the next steps should be in your case, contact us for a consultation.

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Winter weather here in Ohio has been relatively mild so far this year, but undoubtedly we will be seeing some snow and ice soon. Every winter we get calls from people who are seriously injured in falls on icy sidewalks and in parking lots. Many people are surprised that in Ohio, the general rule is that landowners are not required to remove snow and ice from sidewalks, parking lots or driveways. But there are exceptions.

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According to the National Bureau of Standards, over 500,000 Americans suffer serious injuries every year because of falls. 3,800 Americans die every year because of falls. We get many calls from people who have been injured in falls on the premises of a business. We often get asked whether the business can be held responsible. When it comes to slip and falls, Ohio law favors businesses, but there are exceptions. If you fall while visiting a business, it is critical that you document the hazard that caused you to fall. Whether the business will be held responsible will depend on this evidence.

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