Top Ten List of Most Dangerous Toys of 2017

In the frenzy of shopping for Christmas gifts, remember to think about child safety.  Don’t assume that a toy is safe just because it is on the toy store shelves.  There are a range of popular toys that can seriously injure or even kill children.

There are thousands of avoidable toy-related injuries each year. The toy industry does not always put children’s safety before profits.

Every year before Christmas, a non-profit organization known as the World Against Toys Causing Harm (W.A.T.C.H.) compiles a list the most dangerous toys on the market based on a review of the most recent childhood injury and fatality statistics.

Their top ten most hazardous toys for 2017 are:

1.       Fidget spinners contain small parts that can be a choking hazard to children

2.       Pull Along Pony, which has a 19-inch cord, raises concerns of strangulation in children of all ages

3.       Heel Wheels are strapped to kids' shoes as roller skates, but pose a burn risk because they include 'real sparking action'.

4.       Slackline, a toy meant to hang between tow trees, can lead to severe injury and death.

5.       The Wonder Woman sword could potentially cause blunt-force and bodily injuries.

6.       Itty Bittys Baby Stacking Toy includes small and larger rings that pose a risk of strangulation and suffocation.

7.       The Oval Xylophone includes a wooden stick that may cause bodily injury.

8.       'Zombie Strike' crossbow raises the risk of eye and face injuries with its pressurized pull back lever.

9.       The Spider-Man drone includes multiple rotating blades that can lead to eye and other bodily injuries.

10.   Brianna Babydoll is a potential choking hazard as it includes small accessories.

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