How do you preserve evidence of how badly you were hurt?


  • Photograph all areas of visible injury as soon as possible and take additional photographs during the recovery process to show the stages of recovery.
  • See your doctor as soon as possible after the accident and describe every area where you are experiencing pain or having other problems. This is extremely important! For example, if you fractured your leg in the accident, you may feel the most pain in your leg, but also notice your back hurts. It’s very important that you tell your doctors about your back pain as well. It’s possible that your back is injured and may continue to be a problem long after you recover from your broken leg. If you don’t have your doctor document your back pain, the insurance company will try to claim that your back injury is not a result of the accident.
  • Keep receipts for all of your out-of-pocket expenses resulting from the accident. For example, gas spent traveling to and from the hospital and doctor’s office, hotel and meal expenses, any medical supplies, bandages, rental of hospital beds, etc.
  • Track all the time your family or friends spent helping you, so that they can be reimbursed at the successful conclusion of your claim. For example, a family member takes time off work to drive you to the doctor, or if they help you with your household chores.

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