Is it smart to try to go it alone?


The Rinehardt Injury Attorneys of Mansfield-Columbus, OH knows the pros and cons of hiring an attorney.


  • I will have someone on my side fighting for me and looking out for my best interest. I will not have to worry about the insurance adjuster pulling the wool over my eyes.
  • My lawyer will stop the insurance adjuster from bothering me with phone calls and letters. With my attorney taking care of the paperwork nightmare, I will be able to concentrate on putting my life back together and recovering from my injuries.
  • I can get rid of my stress because I will have someone to look out for my best interests and stand up to the insurance company with its high priced lawyers.
  • When it comes time to settle my case, I will have someone who will know what a fair settlement of my case should be.
  • If the insurance company won’t be reasonable, I will have someone who will go to court to make the insurance company do what is right.


As with any professional, my doctor, my dentist, and even my mechanic, my attorney will have to be paid. But, with the contingent fee contract, I only pay when I win my case by paying a percentage of the award.

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