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If you have developed a traumatic brain injury after an accident in Columbus, contact the injury lawyers of Rinehardt Injury Attorneys for help. Brain injuries may not show up immediately after an accident; they have delayed effects offset by an injured person’s adrenaline. Once symptoms show up, dizziness and the sudden loss of equilibrium aren’t uncommon; from there, the injury worsens until hospitalization is necessary. When your injury was the fault of someone else, they should be the ones to pay for your expenses.

In 2013, approximately 2.8 million traumatic brain injuries (TBIs) requiring ER visits, hospitalizations, or that led to death happened in the United States, according to the Center for Disease Control (CDC). During the same year, falls contributed to about 47% of brain injuries, with 79% of those happening to persons age 65 or older. Being struck by an object was the second greatest contributor, with 15% of those incidences leading to hospitalization, ER visits or death.

As many negligent accidents contribute to brain injuries, Rinehardt Injury Attorneys is prepared to fight for justice. We have helped numerous victims who’ve been injured by the careless actions of others receive compensation for their loss of wages, medical bills, and other associated losses. To learn more about how we can help you recover after a brain injury, contact our Columbus brain injury attorneys today at 419-529-2020.

Types of Brain Injuries Common to Accidents

There are many brain injury classifications which may apply to your situation. We’ve identified the following traumatic brain injuries as the most likely to occur from the negligent actions of others:

  • Concussions – These occur when your brain is jolted violently against the skull, causing dizziness, headaches, and in some cases bleeding on the brain. These differ slightly from TBIs in that the pain and discomfort fade much sooner.
  • Coup-Contrecoup – This is either a single cerebral contusion (coup) or contusion to both sides of the cerebral area (contrecoup), closely associated with subarachnoid hemorrhaging.
  • Diffuse axonal injury (DAI) – As an accident is occurring, your brain may violently shift inside your skull. The end result is scattered lesions in gray and white matter tracts of your brain. People who experience this have problems walking or maintaining balance, while others are unable to concentrate or retain memories.
  • Blood Clot or Hematoma – Formed by massive swelling or clotted blood, these injuries can lead to permanent brain damage or death.

While some of these injuries may be treatable, many permanently change the lives of victims. We have litigated cases varying in severity, so whether you developed only a concussion or will live with a disability for the rest of your life, Rinehardt Injury Attorneys can help.

Why Hire a Brain Injuries Lawyer?

Often, injured persons will question whether hiring a law firm for their case is actually in their best interests. Here are a few reasons why hiring a lawyer is worthwhile after a brain injury:

Professional affiliations. Over the years, lawyers build rapport with many outside agencies, including hospitals, accountants, medical professionals, and others they can call on as expert witnesses. Some even deal with insurers on a first-name basis. In other words, lawyers have people who they can call upon to help build their case, which is a luxury injured people may not enjoy working cases alone.

Insurance company battles. You’ll never find an insurance company adjuster with the power to write infinite checks for infinite amounts; in fact, their job is protecting their company’s bottom line. Without someone working on your behalf, many victims will receive an offer that’s much less than their case is worth.

Upfront costs. Brain injury claims require an exceptional amount of financial resources just to get their case heard before a jury. Whether that entails hiring other legal experts, scientific professionals, or other medical staff to help build your case, most accident victims couldn’t shoulder the costs of litigation without outside help. Lawyers front these costs, however, and won’t charge the client until they’ve settled the case.

General protection. People who are living with brain injuries often lose their ability to reason, make decisions, or even speak in complete sentences. A lawyer can protect your interests and make the best decisions for you given the circumstances when you are incapable of doing so for yourself.

Why Choose Rinehardt Injury Attorneys?

At Rinehardt Injury Attorneys, we pride ourselves on our dedication to our clients. This is especially important for brain injury victims, who are facing the possibility of a completely different life. We will take the time to understand all of the particular details of your case to ensure we know what your needs and concerns are. We never use a cookie cutter approach for our cases, because we know that every case and every client is different. This is why we have earned such a good reputation in the Columbus community, how we have won the numerous awards we have won, and how we have secured millions in compensation for our clients.

How to Prove Brain Injuries in Columbus

Accidents that leave victims with serious brain injuries will require the same burden of proof that other personal injuries have. Plaintiffs and their lawyers must prove that:

  • The injured person was owed a duty of care by the defendant. This could be a property owner, driver, medical professional, or other;
  • An individual or entity breached that duty of care by performing an action that had the potential to harm the safety and health of another;
  • By breaching that duty, an accident occurred which directly caused a brain injury; and
  • The injury caused the victim significant damages.

Once all elements have enough proof, the case may move forward into the Ohio Common Pleas Court. Our firm would file a complaint in Franklin County or in whichever adjacent county you reside, and from there would present the evidence required to begin discussing a fair resolution.

Compensation for Brain Injuries

After Rinehardt Injury Attorneys presents sufficient evidence that your brain injury was the result of negligence, we’ll begin pre-litigation settlement discussions with the opposing party. Although we cannot promise the exact amount you may be entitled to, we will work hard to come up with a compensation amount that factors in the following:

  • Any rehabilitation you may need to get your brain and bodily functions back to normal;
  • Wages which the injury has deprived you of while you are in recovery;
  • Medical bills from your hospital stay, including any equipment, medication, surgical procedures, and similar necessary to sustain life;
  • Wages that you may have earned from now until retirement (if paralyzed or deceased);
  • Pain and suffering that you may experience after the accident;
  • Costs associated with home health care staff required to care for you while unable to perform daily activities; and
  • Any additional costs that are associated with income loss, your family’s suffering, and costs that arise from caring for your brain injury.

Our team works hard to get as much as you deserve given the circumstances.

Did you suffer a traumatic blow to the head? Contact a Brain Injury Attorney

Brain Injury FAQs

We understand brain injuries will leave victims and their families with many unanswered questions. Below, you can find answers to some common questions related to accidents, law, and time limits for filing claims.

My accident was partially my fault. Can I still recover damages?

Perhaps you were injured in a motorcycle accident and weren’t wearing a helmet. Provided you were no more at fault than the other party, you are still entitled to recover damages for your accident. Your final settlement will reflect the percentage of fault the jury believed you contributed to the accident; so, if you were awarded $200,000 but the jury believed you were 10% at fault, your settlement would be reduced by $20,000.

What options do I have if my loved one died from their brain injuries?

Wrongful death may be filed if an accident caused by another resulted in death, even if the death was not immediate. In some situations, it may be prudent to have the decedent’s estate file a survival action to recover damages your loved one incurred while alive, as well. As this area of law can get pretty complex, we urge you to consult with an experienced lawyer.

What is the statute of limitations for filing action in brain injuries?

In premises liabilities and personal injuries, you have two (2) years to file a claim. In medical malpractice suits, you have one (1) year up to four (4) years to file. In product liability claims, you have a ten-year statute of repose and two (2) years for injuries. To determine whether you are eligible to file a claim, contact a lawyer.

What if I can’t afford to help my loved one with medical costs?

Brain injuries can cost families plenty of money, especially with tests, surgery, physical therapy, and in-home care. Our firm will connect you with medical care so your loved one can concentrate on getting better; they’ll get paid directly from your settlement.

How Rinehardt Injury Attorneys Helps Victims of Brain Injuries

Most accident types have the potential to cause brain injuries, although symptoms may be delayed in some people. When these injuries happen, you need an aggressive law firm that will work to settle your accident claim with the most favorable outcome. That firm is Rinehardt Injury Attorneys, a team of dedicated law professionals who want nothing more than for our clients to get back to living a normal life.

Ohio puts a strict deadline on filing claims, so we urge you to come forward with your claim and allow us to look at the accident, the circumstances that caused the accident, and what your goal in bringing this claim is. We offer a free, confidential case evaluation, so call 419-529-2020 or fill out an online contact form to schedule yours today.

Brain Injury Attorneys In Columbus, Ohio

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