I just got hit by a truck. What should I do?

If you have been in an accident with a truck, the very minute the crash is over the trucker is taking action to try to show that the trucker is not to blame. In his cab, the trucker breaks out a special kit that the trucking company gives its drivers to document the trucker’s version of events.

You may still be in your vehicle in pain and the trucker is on the phone with the trucking company. Before you even get to the hospital, the trucking company may be in contact with its insurance company coming up with a plan on how to deal with the crash. Most trucking companies and their insurance companies have retained lawyers and hired investigators getting on planes to fly to the location of the crash to take action for the truck driver and the trucking company within 24 hours of a major crash. Understand the trucking company and its insurance company are not looking out for you.

If you are in an accident with truck, you need a legal team who can spring into action for you to protect your rights and secure all the evidence, not just those things that the trucking company wants to use.

The trucker and trucking company are supposed to follow special rules that apply to commercial vehicles, called the FMSCR. The FMSCR rules put limits on the number of hours a driver can drive in a day and a week to prevent fatigued driving. The FMSCR rules require that the truck and trailer be inspected and properly maintained. It can be critical to the case to document whether the trucker and trucking company have violated any of these rules.

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