-LeFebvre Family

"Rinehardt Law Firm was amazingly helpful. All my medical bills have been paid and I even received a nice little settlement. I thank all of you that worked on my case. Everyone was very helpful and took the time to explain everything that was happening. I had never filed a lawsuit before and did not know anything about what the process is. They were all very professional and explained everything in detail. Thank you all again." 

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"John and his staff were great with making us feel comfortable during the process. They kept us updated on our case progress and were very helpful with all of the paperwork we needed to complete. We are very pleased with the outcome of everything." 


"Mr Rinehardt and his staff were great. They were very timely and anytime I had questions the were just a call away. They treated me like I was their only client I had a great time working with them. I was very satisfied and if I were to ever need them again no doubt about it I will. they absolutely never met a stranger everyone was friendly and I appreciate them all for they're time and efforts." 

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"I am so glad we chose Rinehardt law firm to represent us. We were in a very bad motorcycle accident and the went above and beyond settling our case for us. We were treated like family and were kept involved every step of the way. Thank you all who were involved in one way or other working our case! You all did an incredible job!" 

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"John was a very understanding and informative. Throughout my entire settlement he was able to answer any questions I presented and was able to find answers with fast response. He made the process less stressful and was able to keep it out of the court room. John is an attorney I will refer without hesitation to anyone in need of one."


"The John Rinehardt Law Firm is absolutely outstanding! They are not only extremely professional, this team really cares about their clients. They communicated with me about every issue and were always there for me even for the smallest or most trivial reasons. It was their dedication to this client that made all the difference in the world when it came to my recovery, as well as the outcome of my case. I highly recommend John Rinehardt and his team of experts, and would never go anywhere else. The is no replacement for the best!!" 

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"During the winter, I took a fall resulting in a fracture. The law firm of John K. Rinehardt came highly recommended to me for their ethics and professionalism. John and his staff were prompt, thorough and very well organized in representing me. I was treated with compassion and felt very confident that my case was being resolved and therefore was able to focus on recovering. The outcome of the case was positive and very fair. I would not hesitate to recommend Rinehardt Law Firm to others." 

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"I've never needed to hire a personal injury lawyer before. But, when I was in a car accident recently and, the other drivers insurance company seemed to be balking at a settlement, I knew I would need help. John Rinehardt was very highly recommended by a friend of mine, so I called him. My husband and I met with him and were treated wonderfully. John and his staff worked very hard for me. I will always recommend him to anyone who needs this kind of help." 

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"I was a client of John and Hillary recently after being involved in a car accident. Not only did they negotiate a great settlement for me, but every experience I had with them was terrific. The line of communication was continuously open and I always received a timely response to any inquiry I had. Great attorneys but even better people. I worked with Atty Rinehardt in his team for a little over two years. The entire time I was kept informed about my case and treated with deep concern and respect. The entire way through my complicated case I felt that I could trust Atty Rinehardt and his team as they always appeared to have my best interest at heart. Whether I called to ask a question or have a crying break down, the staff was there to listen and support me. I honestly felt like they knew where I was coming from. I would recommend them to anyone. And I do want to give a special thanks to Atty Rinehardt's assistant GG as she went above and beyond! Thank you to Atty Rinehardt and his team!" 

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"John Rinehardt was retained by my father regarding a legal matter that no one else would touch. John listened to my father (unlike others), agreed to take the case and successfully obtained a settlement. John was professional and very involved with the case. My father lived to see the outcome and died in peace. John was always honest and open with us. He did not pull punches and put everything he had into the case. I would recommend him to anyone. He has my complete faith and trust." 

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"After an auto accident it became apparent that I was going to require assistance. Having never previously required any legal representation - I started seeking referrals from friends and family. I received John's name through a trusted friend (who just also happened to be an attorney). I contacted John and set up a consultation. John was very informative and generous with his time walking me through the entire process and explaining the different directions that my case could go.


"I was in a car accident in 2004 that left me in a wheelchair for two years. I had a total of eight surgeries. John was so sympathetic and he wanted to do the best possible job for me that he could. I was impressed by how quickly he took action. The staff was so helpful and always took the time to answer my many questions or just listen when I was having a rough time. John was always prepared and would take the time to explain things to me. The Rinehardt Law Firm worked so very hard to settle my case in a timely manner, but left no stone unturned. I have and always will recommend the Rinehardt Law Firm because they will always have your best interest at heart. They are honest, up-front, and never leave you feeling confused about what is going on in your case."


"We wanted to thank everyone for all of their help over the last couple years. Everything was always handled very professionally. In addition, we were always treated with concern and kindness. Our questions were always answered, no matter how often we had to ask. We really appreciate everything and would gladly recommend your office to anyone."


"I am so Blessed that I found the Rinehardt law Firm and that they took my case. They are an amazing team to have on your side when you're in need of a Lawyer. I had never had to have a lawyer represent me before this, and I was so scared to have to go through this process of having to sue a Big Corporation for what had happened to me. But the Rinehardt Law Firm was not. They worked so hard on my case and they believed in me and my case. This was a slip and fall case in Ohio so they had their work cut out for them to prove my case. I seen John and Hillary fighting for me as if I was their own daughter. I seen them in action as we prepared for a jury trial the Big corporation thought they could outsmart the Rinehardt Lawyers with false information and tried to lie about certain things that they did not want to come out, But the Rinehardt law firm exposed the truth and it all came out in the end in front of a judge and a jury because John and Hillary and their team worked, and worked they found the truth. The Rinehardt Law firm are a Power House Team. They WILL bring you JUSTICE and they will treat you as if you are family. Not only did they win my case they went over and beyond to give justice for me and my family I feel that I have gained new friends that will always have my back in a time of need Thank You for all of your hard work and dedication that you have given me during one of the most detrimental times in my life. These are the Lawyers you want on your side. THE RINEHARDT LAW FIRM are my HEROES."


"Unfortunately (or fortunately) my case ended up going to trial. John and Hillary were complete professionals, talk about a dynamic duo. John's experience in the courtroom was clearly evident from the opening argument all the way through to the closing. John was able to clearly lay out our case and it was clear that the jury was able to relate and follow along. John's experience in the courtroom along with Hillary's dedicated work behind the scenes was superb. The care that they showed both myself and my wife - we felt like they were fighting for one of their own family members. I truly appreciate their hard work and dedication and would recommend them to anyone that finds themselves needing a legal expert. Thank you again to you both."


"I just wanted to take a moment to thank all of you for our advice and support during the entire lawsuit process. All of your hard work has given me the chance to spend the next few months with a bald, toothless, but still very good looking little man. (her new baby!)" 


"John and his paralegal team at the office worked very hard on my case and I am very proud of them!! This will be the third time that I have used Rinehardt Law Firm and they never let me down even though i didn't think things were going to work out at the end, they definitely proved me wrong on that decision. John and his team at the office worked hard throughout the last three cases they represented me on and I cannot say enough about there firm!!..I strongly agree that John is the best and definitely would use him in the future!!...You cannot go wrong with John!!!"


During one’s lifetime, more than not you may need the assistance of an attorney, and finding an attorney who is willing to listen, along with a must have, a compassionate and informative staff. So, if you may incur an accident of any kind, and you are not really sure of a compensation for your injury, pick up the phone, call and Ask, The John Rinehardt Law Firm. None of your questions are stupid questions. They are answered with proper information to you, as to make the best decision for you.

My claim was handled with all of the above, and with a prompt answer to any of my questions. You will not only be in contact with only John Rinehardt, but Stephanie, Pre-Litigation Case Manager, who frankly made me feel comfortable with my first call. I chose to have them handle my case, for over a year we were in touch. Also, included in the law firm other than Stephanie, was Patti, between the two I was kept posted with any details to my case, and always with an informative genuine compassion. One is also in touch with their adjuster, and may I say, Gigi (adjuster), what a hustler, and a most determined lady, wanting only for me to get the Best settlement, and that she did ! The case has been completed, by a group of professionals, who care only about you, and to help in all your needs.

I highly recommend The John Rinehardt Law Firm, and let them give you a helping hand.

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-Beverly Wright

After researching lawyers John's name kept coming up. We really wanted someone local and are so glad we picked him. Can not say enough good things about him and his staff. Was very easy to talk to, so professional....but in a caring way. He settled the case with out me having to be more involved so I could just work on getting better. I would and will recommend him to anyone needing these services. You won't be disappointed.

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-Jessica Stevens

The John Rinehardt Law Firm is hands down the best law firm in Richland County! They are extremely professional, and they actually care about their clients. They communicated with me about every issue and were always there for me. They really were our biggest advocate! If it was not for their advice and experience, I would have not had close to the same outcome any where else! I know because I originally had another lawyer who referred me to them, because my case was more complicated than he was use to. I highly recommend John Rinehardt and his team of experts! They simply are the best hands down!

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-Liz Jackson

Rinehardt Law Firm is the BEST legal experts when it comes to a car accident. I learned so much of what goes into everything they do for their clients, they truly care. They are so compassionate & caring.

What I like most is you become family. My accident took years to settle. It was quite challenging for them because of my injuries and because of the insurance policy this person had. It took me years of many surgeries to see what my disability was going to be.

John, Hillary & Staff were as happy for me as I was to finally have closure. It was a hard long road and I wouldn't choose anyone else to represent me, so much so that when my husband was hit on his motorcycle I was on the phone with Hillary as they were putting my husband in the ambulance!!

They too handled my husband's luckily his was settled VERY quickly with our best interest at heart.

You should never try and deal with insurance on your own, you need someone who will LOOK out for you at all times.

The only law firm I will call is Rinehardt Law Firm and you should too!!

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-Sandy Vocal Smith

In all my bad luck, John and his staff have always been there for my family. I have had to use them more than I would like too, but when I needed them they never hesitated to step up and help me. Patty is absolutely awesome and answers my emails as soon as she can. I would just like to say a BIG THANK YOU to all the staff. HUGZ to u all.

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-Candy Wolfe-Johnson

John and his entire staff did an amazing job staying in contact through out the entire time. They're all well known and come highly recommended. Each and everytime I had a question, it was answered immediately or at the most earliest convenience! I enjoyed the uplifting conversations of reassurance when I ran into an emotional wall of frustration. If you're looking for a legal team who isn't afraid of war, John Reinhardt and his team are the way to go! THANKS FOR EVERYTHING AND GOD BLESS!!

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Outstanding Law Firm

My husband and I were involved in motorcycle accident that caused muskeg serious injuries. All of the staff at Rinehardt law firm were absolutely incredible!! John, his wife and the rest of the staff went above and beyond to settle our claim. They were with is every step of the way and I couldn't be more pleased with the outcome. They were with us through one of the hardest trials we've faced and they treated us with nothing but compassion. I would recommend this law firm to everyone!

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The outstanding service and communication of the Rinehardt practice is beyond excellent. We were treated with respect, always knew what the status of our case was, appointments were made with our work schedules in mind and the outcome of our case was beyond what we expected. A professional, yet real people, practice. Our family would highly recommend this practice for any type of legal need.

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-Private Individual

The entire Staff was absolutely wonderful. I was treated with kindness and respect. All of my questions were answered promptly and care. Being pregnant after the car accident they really cared about me and the well being of my family. Throughout the process I have to say they all were GREAT! Thank you so much for helping me and my family!

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-Private Individual

The Rinehardt Law Firm treated us professionally with respect and compassion.  The communication with us was super and we are extremely satisfied with the results of our claim.

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-Heath H.

The John Rinehardt Law Firm is hands down the best law firm in Richland County! They are extremely professional, and they actually care about their clients. They communicated with me about every issue and were always there for me. They really were our biggest advocate! If it was not for their advice and experience, I would have not had close to the same outcome any where else! I know because I originally had another lawyer who referred me to them, because my case was more complicated than he was use to. I highly recommend John Rinehardt and his team of experts! They simply are the best hands down!

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-Liz J.

John, Stephanie, Melanie and the rest of the staff at The Rinehart Law Offices are really terrific. My husband was hit by a car and we have spent quite a bit of time in and out of hospitals, nursing homes and more hospitals. They are so kind, caring and professional. When ever I hit a "bump in the road" and had questions they always worked hard to help me find answers and solve the problems.

There is no need to go anywhere else but here for help from honest, upstanding attorneys.

A heartfelt thank you to you all for all your help! We will definitely refer your Firm to everyone we know and will be back if we are ever in need again!

God bless you all!

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-Melody R.

I highly recommend John and his staff to anyone, they are all so great! They were all so kind and helpful during the process. They answered any question/concern I had as well as kept me updated about my claim throughout the entire process. I couldn't thank them enough for all of their help.

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-Kendallyn H.

I used this attorney when I decided to no longer represent myself in a car accident that I was in. Initially, I planned on working with the insurance companies myself, but it became overwhelming. I was trying to keep track of all of the bills and payments and could not keep up. From my initial contact with Mr. Rinehardt and his staff, I felt relief. They took care of everything in a professional and timely manner and I could not be more pleased with the whole experience. Do not hesitate to call. 

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I was referred to the Rinehardt Law Firm after receiving personal injury in an accident. The entire staff was very professional and efficient, and my case was resolved with a high level of satisfaction. I will not hesitate to recommend them or contact them for any future needs. 

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-Dan Brubaker

I just recently settled on a suit after 4 years, John and his team fought hard and long to get me what i was owed. The level of personal attention is next to none. It makes for a nice experience when you know the guy in your corner only has "YOUR" best interests in mind. 

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-Curtis Green

I was in an accident in July 2013. I was referred to John Rinehardt and his team. I never thought I would need a lawyer for anything but you just never know from one day to the next what will happen. They had me come in and do paperwork that was very simple. From that point on the entire law firm treated me like family. If I had a question they either had the answer right then or got it very quickly for me. John never talked down to me and had very good advice. They all listened to me, even when I was most down, and helped to get me back up. They are all awesome and I would refer anyone to them. They are the best!!!! 

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-Cindy Cobb

“To all that staff at Rinehardt Law Firm, a sincere thank you! It could never be fun being in need of legal help to look out for your interests, but I am so glad to have chosen your firm. Having spent many years working in the Law Enforcement / Criminal Justice system, I am familiar with many local attorneys. I chose your law firm and am very glad I did. Your entire staff is very professional, friendly and paid a great deal of attention to detail. I highly recommend this team of professionals.”

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“I was in a accident that lead me to The Rinehardt Law Firm. John and his team are the definition of professional integrity. I can't say enough on how much John and his staff helped me. John and his team gave me my faith back that their are good people out there to help you in your time of need. I highly recommend The Rinehardt Law Firm to help you. They are the Best!”

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“I can not say enough about John and his staff. The compassion and concern that was shown from them is beyond description. John is by far one of the most trustworthy professionals I have ever met and working with him was made very easy because of it. We were always kept up to date on our case and all questions were answered quickly and professionally. He went above and beyond for us and for that we are forever grateful. I highly recommend John and his staff for any problem that needs a great Attorney and wonderful staff.”

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-The Steele Family

“The Rinehardt law firm has to be the most professional and caring people in my time of need. My overall experience from the first phone conversation to the last hand shake has been amazing. The staff are the most caring and helpful people from simple questions to even just friendly phone call to checking up on you to see how your doing. Attorney John Rinehardt has been amazing, one of my favorite things besides his true sincerity is that he treats you like a person regardless of education or financial status. He always managed to follow up on things from previous conversations from a week ago to months prior. I would personally recommend this firm to anyone in need. It has surpassed my expectations. Thank you and your staff from the bottom of my heart. You and your staff are the best.”

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“Let me start by saying I would highly recommend Rhinhardt Law Firm to anyone in need of an amazing team of people on their side! I was in a bad car accident about 3 years ago and just recently settled thanks to them. The amount of stress and all of the unknowns I was dealing with prior to meeting with the Rinehardt's was turning my world upside down. John and Hillary were so caring and compassionate while I shared my story and assured me they would handle everything and encouraged me to relax and focus on getting myself better and they would handle the rest. What an understatement! All I ever had to do was send a text and I knew I would be taken care of. The professionalism and attention to detail was amazing. They were constantly willing to go above and beyond what I ever could've asked for, surprising me numerous times with their level of care and thoughtfulness. I will forever be grateful for the incredible people who stood by my side and fought for me through any and all obstacles! Thank you John, Hillary and Team!!”

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“First of all I want to say THANK YOU and your staff from the bottom of my heart. 
I want to tell my story a little bit and how you and your staff came into my life.
I was in a VERY bad car accident in April4th, 2016. I knew I needed an attorney, so I went onto the internet and found one in Cleveland Ohio. He talked to me very briefly over the phone and then I talked to his secretary maybe twice. I did NOT feel they cared about ME or what even happened to me. I was just another case to them. 

I went on the search for a local attorney and I called Rinehardt Law firm. The lady on the other end of the phone was so sweet and pleasant (Stephanie) she got an appoint set up for me right away to talk to John Rinehardt. The day of my appointment I was greeted and asked if I wanted anything to drink. I took coffee. 😀 When Mr.Rinehardt came in he was VERY tall, and he sat down in front of me and he asked me about what happened to me and I sobbed and sobbed. I told him about the accident and how it changed my life. I was so afraid to drive for days,I thought I was going to get hit again. I told him about my night terrors and waking up crying and seeing the grill of this truck in my face. He told me to NOT to worry any more he was going to take care of everything . He just wanted me to get better and when I left that day,I felt like a burden was lifted from my shoulders. 

Later on as I was getting better and all of my treatments were done (10months) later. I was introduced to GiGi, (a wonderful lady) she worked really hard on my case close with John and finally got everything settled. 

The love, understanding, compassion, and the heart felt warmth from everyone in this firm is VERY Excellent in every way. I actually felt like one of the family when I would call or go in at any given time.
SO, Thank you AGAIN for everything you have done for ME.”

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