What to do After a Dog Bite in Ohio


A vicious dog snarlingDespite the fact that the majority of them are eager to give their human friends companionship, even the most gentle dogs can become tense in certain situations. As a result, millions of humans get bitten by dogs each year. If you’ve unfortunately been bitten, it’s very important to assess yourself since dog bite injuries can have serious medical, legal, and financial effects. 

Ohio ranks number eight on the list of U.S. states with the most dog bites. At Rinehardt Injury Attorneys, we want to help you as much as possible. This is why we’ve created this blog, to provide you with information about crucial actions to take following a dog bite.

First Steps to Take After a Dog Bites

Knowing what to do after a dog bite can be essential for both your health and any necessary legal action. It’s vital to take the following actions:

Seek Medical Care: It’s a good idea to get medical care as soon as possible, especially for more severe injuries and puncture wounds. And since some dogs are not rabies-vaccinated, puncture wounds are more likely to become infected. If at all possible, document the damage done by taking images of your wounds before they are treated.

Swap Contact Information: Much like what you would do after a car accident, you should exchange contact information with the dog’s owner or caregiver so you can get in touch with them following the occurrence. Make sure you get the name, address, and contact details of the individual, as well as obtain information on the dog, such as its breed, etc.

Witnesses: Whether your dog bit you or another person, make sure to gather the contact information of anyone who saw the occurrence. Witness statements can give a more accurate account of what happened if a lawsuit or insurance claim is required.

Contact Animal Control: Making a report to animal control can help stop dog bites in the future. Plus, their examination of the occurrence could be beneficial to your own case.

By taking the steps listed above, the process of getting in touch with a dog bite lawyer and coming to a fair agreement in regard to compensation can be less stressful.

How to Document a Dog Bite

Two Dogs Fighting | Dog Bite Injury | Rinehardt Injury AttorneysDocumentation is an essential part of what to do after a dog bite in addition to the basic actions mentioned above. Before contacting a dog bite attorney, record any bite-related injuries as soon as they are discovered, including both obvious wounds as well as any subsequent pain, diminished range of motion, or difficulty performing specific tasks.

Photos, journal entries, medical records, and other written records are some examples of documentation. You should also write down the details you can recall about the conditions and events leading up to the bite. 

Additionally, make sure to keep track of all costs associated with the dog bite treatment, including medical fees, lost pay, and travel expenses. In other words, the more paperwork you have about the incident, it will be easier to determine how much compensation you deserve.

Contacting a Dog Bite Lawyer in Ohio

Due to the prevalence of dog bites in Ohio, there are attorneys that have expertise with insurance claims, settlements, and litigation involving dog bites. Equally important, a dog bite injury lawyer can deal with the other party’s insurance company and negotiate a settlement. 

The insurance company may be skilled at convincing individuals to accept meager settlement offers, but a dog bite lawyer is well-versed in the strategies employed by insurance companies and other lawyers, as well as dog bite laws.

Investigate Legal Options With a Lawyer After a Dog Bite

We want to ensure that you receive just compensation for your dog bite damages. To receive the efficient and sympathetic assistance that all of our clients receive from our dog bite attorneys, get in touch with us right now.

You won’t have to pay for your initial consultation until we secure compensation for you. So Be Smart, contact us today.

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